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Regular Oil Change

Oil, lube & filter on most cars up to 5 liters

30 point inspection

oil change special
Full Synthetic Oil Change

Oil, lubes &filter on most cars up to 5 litres

30 points inspection

                                                    $ 60.00

Summer & Winter Tire Change
tire repairs and mounting

Quick and easy tire swap on most cars



Transmission Service
transmission service

Oil, filter and gasket 

Transmission performnce check

Brake Flush
brake flush

Drain, flush, fill and bleed

Includes up to 1.5L of fluid

Brake Inspection
free brake inspections

Visual and in car performance check

front, rear and parking brake systems

Power Steering Flush
power steering flush

Drain, flush and fill

Includes up to 2L of fluid

Differential Service
differential flush

Drain, clean and fill


Front End Inspection
free steering & suspension check

Visual and in car performance check

Steering and suspension systems 

Coolant Flush
coolant flush

Drain, Flush and fill radiator included up to 7L of coolant

Safety Certificate
safety inspections & certification

Complete vehicle inspection

Ontario Safety Standard Certificate

Exhaust Inspection
free exhaust inspections

Visual and in car performance check

Manifold to muffler comprehensive review

Computer Diagnostics
computer diagnostics

Almost any problem diagnosed!

Get rid of that pesky engine light

Tire Repair
tire repairs and mounting

Fix Flat Tire 

Easy and Fast on most cars     


Exhaust System Repair 
header-back-exhaust-system (1).jpg

Oil, make and model cars

                                                       Call for the price

Standard Safety Certificate

AC System

Check and charge  Freon 


                                                Call for the price

Check out the "Achachy Difference"
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